Feng Shui enhances these important aspects of your life by balancing & harmonizing your living environment.
  • Opportunities for career & business
  • Fame & Reputation
  • Marriage & Family relationships
  • Descendants'Success
  • Social & Workplace relationships
  • Romance
  • Good Fortune & Prosperity
  • Academic Excellence
  • Health

Feng Shui Fire Element
        Testimonials from clients:
"You were an answer to a prayer as I was not happy with the previous feng shui consultant who I feel directed me in the wrong way as well as cost me a lot of money" 
"Thank you for always listening and giving your help. You and your opinions are precious to me" 
"I am grateful for your willingness to share your knowledge and experiences."
"After your visit I met a man and he's wonderful!"

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Master Louisa Ong-Lee is an international Feng Shui Master who has projects around the world.