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Feng Shui Master Louisa Ong-Lee
Master Louisa Ong-Lee provides professional feng shui consultancy services for homes and workplaces. She has consulted on mega and billion dollar projects like Marina Bay Sands, Marina Bay Financial Centre and Sandcrawler (an international architectural award winning building). She trained under the renowned late Master Chong Swan Lek (a 4th generation Feng Shui Master) in a master-disciple relationship. She currently consults for architects and interior designers for several multi-million dollar projects internationally (USA, Europe,Vietnam and Dubai).

            Feng Shui Tip for 2018

The important sector for feng shui in 2018 is in the South East. Place a plant in that sector. The plant should be healthy, with thick, round or oval or heart-shaped leaves. It should not have any thorns. For flowering plants the best flower colours for feng shui in 2018 are purple and blue. 

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Master Louisa Ong-Lee is an international Feng Shui Master who has projects around the world.