Feng Master Louisa Ong-Lee welcomes you to the wonderful world of feng shui. One of the most renowned Feng Shui Masters in Singapore, Master Louisa Ong-Lee advises and provides Feng Shui consultancy for individuals as well as large companies. Whether you need to feng shui your home, your office, your workplace Master Louisa Ong-Lee has the experience and an amazing track record to help you. She has a gift and talent for working on billion dollar projects, the most notable is Marina Bay Sands (MBS), a USD5.6 billion project where she continues to consult there. Other big projects are MBFC Tower 3 (for DBS) and Sandcrawler (for George Lucas). 

Described as a gentle soul by her clients, Feng Shui Master Louisa Ong-Lee’s overriding goal is to harness the best principles of Feng Shui to enhance the success and quality of life of her clients. Her work is subtle and tasteful and she strives to have any Feng Shui placements/work blend as seamlessly as possible with her clients designs and/or aspirations. Unlike some Feng Shui Masters, she does not sell or promote Feng Shui artifacts and is therefore in many ways less constrained in her application of Feng Shui to the benefit of her clients.

Feng Shui Master Louisa Ong-Lee counts among her clients individuals from all walks of life, including individuals who are household names in Singapore. Her corporate clients include banking and financial institutions, global multinationals, architectural firms and international interior designers. Her clientele extends to U.S.A., U.K., Europe, Dubai, China, Indonesia, Malaysia and Australia.

Contact Master Louisa Ong-Lee now. She is based in Singapore and is willing to travel for consultations. She will be most pleased to hear from you.

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Master Louisa Ong-Lee is an international Feng Shui Master who has projects around the world.
Marina Bay Sands Feng Shui Master

            Feng Shui Tip for 2020 - The Golden Rat Year

This year the element of metal represents gold. Gold is bright and shining and is found in the Western sector, where the golden rays of the setting sun resides. In the Western sector of the home, place a porcelain or clay pot with a cover. Inside this pot place coins and cover them with citrine gemstones.  

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