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Louisa Ong-Lee (Feng Shui 8)



The bedroom is one of the most important areas in our homes. It can be a place for sleeping/resting and also for pleasure. The bedroom environment must represent the realm of yin and yang of life. Therefore, the way it is designed and the respective placements of the bed, other furniture, lighting, windows and doors in relation to one another, will determine how well the occupant(s) will sleep, be rejuvenated and enhanced in their lives.


Below are some general feng shui tips to create a bedroom that will benefit the occupant(s).


Tip # 1

Do not locate the bedroom right above the kitchen. The occupant(s) of this bedroom will find it difficult to get restful sleep.


Tip # 2

Bedrooms should be well lit and not too dark.


Tip # 3

Do not paint the walls of the bedroom dark blue or black. These two colors represent the water element and that is not auspicious for bedrooms. Lighter and other shades of blue are fine as they represent sky energy.


Tip # 4

With regards to windows, having one at the side of the bed is considered auspicious especially when the window opens out to a lovely view of trees. This view symbolizes growth energy which will benefit the occupant(s) of the bedroom and provide positive dreams.

Tip # 5

Do not have large mirrors in the bedroom that would reflect the bed. This is important if you are in a relationship or are married as the mirror will reflect a third party into your relationship/marriage.


Tip # 6

In the bedroom, always display items in pairs, for example, a pair of birds, a pair of giraffes, a pair of rabbits, etc. This will symbolically attract romance or enhance an existing marriage.


Tip # 7

Display an eternity knot in the bedroom. This is for everlasting and beneficial relationships, and for health.

Shadow on Concrete Wall

The Eternity Knot

Tip # 8

Do not have a bed that has two separate mattresses placed together, and sharing one headboard. This will be bad for a marriage or a relationship as it represents a split in the future.


Follow these very simple feng shui tips and you can establish balance and harmony into your environment that will enhance your life.


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