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How long will the whole consultation take?

It usually takes about 1 hour or so for the consultation. It all depends on the size and complexity of the property. I will walk around the property with you to observe and collect data, and recommendations for enhancers and countermeasures are given on the spot. There will be time for you to ask questions and subsequent questions will be answered via email or phone appointment. 

Do I need to tidy up?

Usually I like to see a home or a workplace the way it is "lived in or "occupied" so that I can make a correct assessment and the best  recommendations accordingly.  

Can I ask questions?

I suggest writing a list of questions so I can address them during my consultation visit. There will be time for you to ask questions during the consultation. Subsequent questions will be answered via email or phone appointment.

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What do your services cost?

Please refer to Services & Fees

Will you keep in contact with me?

Yes. My only condition is that you initiate contact with me. I might email or write a letter now and then just to keep in touch or to advise you of the yearly/annual re-energizing. However, feel free to email me as that will be the best way for communication as it is difficult for me to take phone calls during consultations.

Is Feng Shui a religion?

It is a way of life - a tradition that was used in ancient times and adopted by many different cultures, traditions and religions. It is a 4000 year old practice originating in China. It is much older than many of the religions. People who establish feng shui in their homes or workplaces see it as a way of life that focuses on positive energy flows to enhance and transform an environment gracefully and gently into one that is nurturing, protective and calming.

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Are there any well known examples where feng shui has been established?

Here are some examples of well known corporate organizations who have used feng shui to enhance their environment.

1) Disney Hong Kong 

2) Manchester City Football team, UK

3) California Building Standards Commission

4) McDonald's, California

5) Las Vegas Sands

So come on, enjoy this journey of gentle, graceful and peaceful transformation of your living environment! 

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Feng Shui Master Louisa Ong-Lee


+65 9675 6418

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In the North-East sector of your home or workplace, display a good fortune wishing tree.   Write your 3 wishes.  Place each wish in a red hong bao together with a dollar coin. These hong baos are then hung with a red thread on the tree. When your wish comes true, remove that red packet and keep the dollar coin as a lucky coin.

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Tel: +65 9675 6418



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