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Valentine’s Day is a special day for those in love and those looking for love. The art of Feng Shui has many suggestions to gently encourage the romance energy to flow into the home.

In ancient China, families have been known to seek the advice of a Feng Shui Master to enhance the eligibility of their children who were of marriageable age. These delicate and sensitive issues of romance and spouse hunting were often whispered in great confidence into the Master’s ears. Luckily, these Masters were well prepared with many tips “up their sleeves” to address this.

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Peony Flowers

A very important flower is the majestic Peony, sometimes called the “king of flowers”. It symbolizes abundant good fortune and is associated with romance and beauty.

            In traditional Chinese homes in Asia large paintings of peonies are usually displayed in specific areas in the living room. Having these paintings strategically placed enhances the single daughters in the home, attracting good, loving and wealthy husbands for them.  These families also benefit from the magnificence of the Peonies and receive the good fortune and positive energy that this flower attracts.

Garments worn by young and single maidens of ancient China were also designed with colorful Peonies and accented with butterfly motifs. Adding a pink colored Peony to the hair was also another way to attract the opposite sex.

            The best place in the home to display fresh or artificial silk Peonies or paintings of them is at the south western sector of the living room. This creates and magnifies wonderful romance and relationship luck for all in the home, not just for the young and single maidens. Therefore even the parent’s marriage will benefit from it.

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My favorite tip for the single lady is to hang a small sized painting of peonies in the south west of her bedroom, and to place a fresh or artificial silk pink Peony just outside her bedroom door. This is a powerful way to open up opportunities for romance.

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A pair of Mandarin ducks

The romance tip for the single guy is to hang a painting of a pair of Mandarin ducks or display a pair of Mandarin Duck figurines made of rose quartz in the bedroom. Mandarin ducks represent luck in finding true love.  

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Crystal Ball

After a potential spouse is found the next crucial step is to secure a commitment to the relationship which would lead to marriage.  A great Feng Shui tip is to display a crystal ball in the Southwest sector of the home. To activate this crystal, a bright light is placed near it. This light is turned on every night for at least two hours.


For the newly married couple, it would be most fitting to display a pair of Mandarin ducks in the Southwest sector of their home. This promotes deep love and fidelity between husband and wife. Paintings in the bedroom should be that of children and sweet and ripe fruits to depict fertility and babies.

Double Happiness Emblem_edited.jpg

Double Happiness


For married couples displaying the double happiness emblem on the southwestern sector of the living room encourages everlasting, strong and happy marriages. You will see this displayed in many traditional Chinese weddings. Even the gifts exchanged between the bride and bridegroom would have this powerful emblem inscribed on them.

Feng Shui has been used since ancient times to boost romance. Today, many people are actively following these tips to achieve their dreams of successfully finding their soul mates.

Every day can be Valentine’s Day!  

Love!!! The Feng Shui Way_edited_edited.
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