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by Louisa Ong-Lee, Feng Shui 8



            As a Feng Shui Master I have often been asked for advice on the perfect workplace or office. Feng Shui has many general guidelines to determine this.

            Firstly, the workplace should be regular in shape, as in a rectangle or a square. There should not be any missing sectors that would make the floor plan irregular. If there are sectors missing Feng Shui has many counter-measures like using mirrors and other items to establish back the living space. This will help to regularize the shape of the workplace.

            An undesirable workplace is one which is L-shaped. This shape symbolizes the Chinese cleaver or knife (see the picture below). It has positions of great danger where you should never place your desk or chair. If you look at the shape of the Chinese cleaver, the area that you should always avoid is where the cutting blade is. If your workplace is L-shaped you should always aim to sit at the handle of the cleaver. That is why when Feng Shui Masters work with such a workplace they always place the most important person or the boss of the organization there. The handle denotes that he or she is in the position of power and controls the workplace.

Shadow on Concrete Wall

Secondly, the size of the doorway is important too. Whether the door is lucky or unlucky would depend on the Feng Shui measurements of a Feng Shui ruler. These measurements determine whether your door invites good fortune. The door should not be too big for the workplace as that would cause wealth to flow out. It should not be too small for the workplace or wealth cannot flow in easily. Generally glass doors are not considered auspicious as it does not protect the occupants of the workplace from any negative elements outside. It is always better to have a wooden door.

The entrance to any workplace is one of the most important aspects of Feng Shui.

It was reported in The New York Times on April 25, 2005 that Disneyland when planning its newest and latest Disney Park in Hong Kong consulted a Feng Shui Master. The Walt Disney executives then, based on the Feng Shui Master’s advice, decided to shift the angle of the front gate of the park by 12 degrees and to construct a meandering pathway from the train station to this gate to allow the positive energy of good fortune to flow straight into the Disney Park gates. These are just one of the many Feng Shui features and influences that the park will have when it opens its doors on September 12 2005. Needless to say this auspicious date was also carefully chose according to the Chinese lunar calendar.  

            Thirdly, the placement and design of furniture in the workplace also play an important factor in Feng Shui analysis. You should always sit with the wall behind you. When seated, you should face the direction of the door. Never sit with the door behind you. Facing the door in Feng Shui is known as the “power direction” which would put you in a favorable position to further yourself in the organization. The size of your table should be appropriate when compared with the size of your workplace. It should not be too large or too small.

            Lastly, open shelves are an occupant’s nightmare. These exposed shelves resemble knives cutting into the occupant and creates killing energy. The impact of this may not be felt immediately but eventually the occupant will succumb to misfortune and illness. If you have these exposed shelves, I would strongly recommend that you either build wooden or glass doors to cover them, or place books or files flushed with the horizontal blades of the shelves to eradicate those dangerous blades. This is one of the commonly found problems in many workplaces.

We spend a lot of our productive time at work. Therefore being happy and comfortable with your working environment is important. This is done by focusing on achieving a harmonious workplace using good Feng Shui practices to benefit the human occupant. These benefits would come in the form of good relationships within the organization, a good boss, friendly peers, job success, recognition, promotion opportunities, challenging career and job satisfaction. The Chinese have used Feng Shui for four thousand years. Are you ready to try it?


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